El Sueño Americano ¿Para un Mexicano?

Como latinos solemos tener creencias limitantes sobre la abundancia, esas que nos hacen creer que el éxito, o aquello que tanto deseamos, es imposible de alcanzar para personas como nosotros, que las oportunidades se encuentran en el extranjero y que sólo así será más fácil alcanzar tus metas, pero lamento decirte que aquí o en china, las oportunidades las creas tú.

6 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated

1. Listen to your gut.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs try to latch on to what’s popular or what they think will be the quickest path to success, but the ones that actually end up building something special are the ones who aren’t afraid to go their own way. For example, entrepreneur and real estate veteran, Albert Preciado says he was sitting on his girlfriend’s couch daydreaming about starting The Mortgage Guys when his gut told him to just go and do it.

4 Things Mortgage Industry Marketers Need To Be Doing

People are more likely to engage with a product if they understand it. For a long time, mortgages have relied on the fact that they’re a key component to the American dream so people don’t need to understand how they work. But that’s old school.
“Here at The Mortgage Guys, we make it a fun process, and we make it a simple process,” says Albert Preciado. Preciado runs a successful mortgage company that has originated more than $1 billion in loans since 2005. And a good portion of his success comes from his unique marketing tactics.

How Albert “The Mortgage Guy” Preciado Built A Powerful Personal Brand In Real Estate

Since the dawn of Instagram (or really YouTube), powerful voices have emerged online in every industry. From fitness to business, food to finance, the reach that comes along with a loyal following has showed the true power of social media.
But it’s not just companies that have invested in building their presence on the Internet. It’s everyday people, all the way up to industry experts, who have seen the value in building a “personal brand.”

The Irreplaceable Marketing Tool for Mortgage Lenders

It’s the question that we ask ourselves every day: How do I find my next would-be homeowner? Experts tell us there are dozens of ways to find clients who need help financing their next home. But we can‘t personally try all of the hundreds of different techniques that are out there. There’s only so many hours in the day—and only so much cash in our advertising budget.
But there is one suggestion that keeps coming up again and again. One suggestion that experts agree is an irreplaceable marketing tool for mortgage lenders: social media.