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Albert has helped entrepreneurs create passive income through real estate while teaching them how to build a business that can run itself


Albert Preciado is CEO and Founder of The Mortgage Guys, Ambiance Realty, Driven Enterprises and Preciado Acquisitions.  Getting his start in the real estate world during the peak of the recession in 2008 would of been a sign to anyone that this was not the right field to work in but Albert persevered and proved himself a competitor to big banks. Watch the video to learn more about Albert’s story.

What is Driven?

Driven was a dream for me, I wanted to speak on stage but after I got that out of my system it became more about helping. I wanted to reach the most amount of people as possible so I ditched the idea of speaking on stage and focused on reaching as many people as I possibly can. There was another problem, there are already so many conferences people can attend, what was the point of another one? So I changed it from a conference to an EVENT. My mentor, Patrick Bet-David said to me "To stand out you have to Minimize, Increase, Eliminate and Create within that field in order to innovate." And I set out to make an event that is only one day long, incredibly upscale and packed with knowledge.

See below to see what people have to say about the event.

I’m glad I took the decision to go to DRiVEN, it’s an amazing event to learn from great individuals that have great tips to get your life/business to the next level. Thanks Albert for putting this great event, see you next year.

Thank you so so much for the opportunity sometimes it felt like the speakers were talking directly to my life!! Lol I left feeling SO inspired. And to hear your and Alberts personal stories were so humbling and uplifting. I had no idea! Thank you for sharing this with me. I appreciated it so much.

What an amazing event! A line up so well executed setting any entrepreneur up for success! The world class speakers covered everything from sales, training, systems, marketing to motivation and mindset! So many take aways!

We should be thanking you!!! I took so many things away from this event. I went there mainly for Grant Cardone but it turned out I took away so much more from other speakers. My favs were Tai Lopez, Syl Preciado, and Grover. Syl’s presentation was so honest and exactly what I needed to hear.

@Michael_barayev and I had an incredible weekend in LA! Driven Event was amaazing!! We learned so much from all the incredible speakers! Just what we needed to take the next steps and really skyrocket Barayev Marketing to the next level!! Thanks to Albert & Syl Preciado for sharing their wisdom on how to be the ideal parter to a crazy passionate entrepreneur.

My wife and I had an amazing time at DRIVEN. We left feeling closer and more focused than we ever. You and Albert and the whole team were beyond gracious and your team went out of their way to help us when we had some issues with seating. Seriously exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait until Driven 19.

I just want to congratulate Albert and Syl for a successful event yesterday. My sister and I had a great time. I feel that my life has been “Left” and it’s about to get “Right”! Everyone’s story really hit home especially Syl’s since I am the oldest of 5 as well. My scale has been on zero and I’m ready to tip it towards success. I’ve realized that the only way for me to achieve financial freedom is through real estate, I will definitely be seeking for your coaching soon. 

Congratulations on putting on such a life changing event! We are so happy we decided to go as a family. We want our kids to be better and learn better than what we have been getting taught all these years.

Best in class! Always learning from industry leaders, Training & Mindset is everything!

I just want to thank Albert and Syl Preciado for their blood, sweat in tears in this life changing event. Each speaker had something to bring to the table and the knowledge was 10X worth more than what I paid for the ticket, I’ll definitely be attending next year and without a doubt I urge everyone else to go or at least follow or read any of the speakers books. INVEST IN YOURSELF!

What an event, Albert & Syl Preciado put together! I am extremely humbled and grateful to have attended an event of this magnitude. 

At Driven 2018 I met Patrick Bet-David. He came from Iran as a refugee when he was a little boy and worked his way up to success. Pat’s copious knowledge of Systems & Procedures is mind-blowing. 

Great opportunity today listening to some amazing speakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Multi Millionaires, bosses, Ballers & Inspirations. Self development and self improvement. Surround yourself and get as close to people having the success you want. I’m driven and trying to build with others who are driven and ambitious. I’m not trying to have success over you.. I’m trying to have success with you!

Envision, Create and believe in your own universe and the universe will form around you to make things happen! #Driven18

Dream big and surround yourself with DREAM CHASERS AND ACTION TAKERS, people who are going places and achieving amazing RESULTS in their lives!!

Driven was amazing! I love it! I had a chance to eat lunch with Tai Lopez. Thank you so much Albert & Syl Preciado for putting together the best event ever!

We pay for these events to learn and get ahead. People say it’s crazy to pay a lot for admission but it’s an investment in yourself. The biggest thing I take away from these kind of events is the people I meet and the connections I make. DRIVEN was definitely an awesome event!

I really need to thank @thealbertpreciado & his lovely wife @sylpreciado for putting this event together. 
@xb_bess & I got to meet a lot of my Mentors and thanked them for helping me fix my life because you have to fix yourself before you can fix others. Unfortunately people need help but are too damn stubborn! We’re all on a Mission to Serving for a Greater cause then ourselves! These Men & Women created their ultimate life by HELPING everyone that is lost in life by showing them that you Do Not Need to settle for a Job title if you don’t want to. If you know you’re capable of more and you really believe in yourself that you can Start a Company from the Ground Up and really go through the Adversity and “Punches to the face and getting knocked down and getting back up” then you can create amazing things along the way. 
However! A lot of people Do Not have what it takes and once they get punched in the face. They go back to where they were comfortable. A lot of people don’t have “Thick Skin” to build a company themselves. That’s why there are companies out there with GREAT Leadership that want to help pull people out from their Job title because if you’re able to take control of your income and your life by working in the right vehicle, let me use my Business for an fine example, if a person comes helps me make on their own personal production with out me being around to make my Company $100,000.00 a year, that person if they built themselves to an 80% contract would make in a year $80,000.00. Obviously that’s on the low end but it beats working hard elsewhere, where you’re capped at a Hourly or Salary basis. 
Everyone’s mind is their own worst enemy but if you see someone doing something great or going to do something great. I rather take advice from them than anyone else who has not yet got out from where they are comfortable. 
I know I have a Powerful woman by my side. 
I have to really thank my Wife Bess for letting me Dream and for allowing me to work on bettering myself so I can then provide in the future, the life I want to create for my wife and kids.

Surround yourself with Amazing people and you will become Amazing!

Be a woman other women can TRUST… have the courage to tell another woman direct when she has offended, hurt or disappointed you…  Successful women have a loyal tribe of loyal & honest women behind them. US Women need to stick together, grind together & motivate each other.

I got to meet some of the people that inspire me to achieve greatness and that have made an impact in my life. The Driven event was such an awesome experience and now time to get to work to make my heroes proud.

Yesterday at Driven Event was one of the best days of my life! Thanks to all the power players for your speeches and for taking a picture with me! I appreciate you guys to the fullest!

Syl and Albert Preciado – A world class event! 







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